What is Metalized Paper? What is the process of making metalized paper?

Metalized papers are a thin layer of metal, usually good quality polymer papers layered with aluminum. These papers were given the presence of a shiny metal such as aluminum foil but at low weight and low cost. The metalized paper is widely used for food packaging and decorative purposes and special applications, including electronics and insulation.

These paper are the most suitable for flexible hologram and laminate. However, the most widely known application of the product includes twist wrap for toffee or candies. Metal papers are produced through the micro-slitting process with assorted coating and continuous weight

Metallization is obtained using the process of physical vapor depositing. Aluminum is the main metal for depositing. However, other metals such as chromium or nickel are also used. The metal under the vacuum is hot and dissolved. It is centered on the cold polymer paper, which is unwanted next to the metal vapor source. Such kind of coatings does not fade over time.

These metallic films are essentially indispensable by oxygen and moisture. However, when the packs made with these foils are subjected to repeated handling and manipulation which are often accompanied by cartooning, manufacturing, consumer handling and shelf stocking in the retail environment, they develop pinhole and develop permeable.

These papers have a shiny silver surface such as aluminum foil. Providing coating reduces the ability of oxygen, light, and water coming in contact with the papers. Compared to aluminum foil, features of the film, such as high toughness, the ability to save heat, and low density at low cost.

This metalized paper offers many advantages over aluminum foil laminates and aluminum foil. It was believed that metalized paper aluminum foil can be an option for laminate, although the current metallic papers still do not match the barrier of aluminum foil. There are some metallic papers which are highly resistant properties that use EVOH, but they are not similar to the foil laminates according to their cost-effective.

JMV Paper Mart provide Metalized paper with two new products:-

Our paper is ultimate shiny to attract the shopkeeper attention, motivate them to handle products and run their expenses. These products are commands for special instructions and are ideal for high-end label art – and even embossing (metallized paper).

From bright and dull gold and silver foil; For wet-strength options like Silverback WSA; For Metallic and Chrome PET, PP and PE paper; For decorative options like the rainbow PET, our wide range of shiny charm can be pressed into various types of unique applications. Whatever you want, you will find our products – and their performance – as good as gold!

As a supplement to our current superior clear and white film items for harsh and consistent containers– – as well as adhesive according to specific end-use – we welcome new PP and PET options for our metal product family.

0.92 mil PET Metallized Silver Construction has a non-top-coated ultra-thin, true mirror-like material designed to be the perfect backdrop for your high-end graphics.

2.0 mil PP metallic silver TC labeled stock is also mottled on the adhesive side. The construction of these materials is also ideal for the protection of metallization and graphics in the packaging and distribution process.

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