One side printing papers with a good quality coating

Being a number of varieties of printing papers present in the market, we need to choose the papers as our requirement. Main focus goes to paper quality, type of coating and the price, all these requirements should be in the same. If we need paper to print only one side then it’s clear that other side of paper will be useless. So coating of the paper to improve their effectiveness should be only one side that will reduce the cost paper. Therefore Chromo paper roll is only the paper present in the market which has the same quality as per requirement. Calendars, posters, visiting cards and other useful things need a quality paper to make nice look and feel of prints.

Automatic printing machine

There are many automatic printing machines uses to print bills, tickets, receipts and credit/ debit card statements need paper rolls. These machine prints at single side of papers in continues in-out, so needs coating only one side of the paper.

  • Being the quality of smoothness and ink absorbency, an inorganic compound coated paper roll gives high performance and reliable output.
  • Different weight of the papers is also needed by the automatic printing machine for different outputs related to the requirement.

Packing papers

Mostly packing papers need one side smooth and soft so that it could be provide softness to the packed items. With the safety of the packed items, it’s also needed to provide easiness to carry the packets and unique identity. Some points are given bellow which can be explores the need and relative uses of the one side coated papers –

  • Coating materials of the paper depend upon the requirement; it could be of either matt or glossy as quality required.
  • Many packing and distribution companies like Gutkha, biscuits, and others need these papers to packing eatable items for a long time.
  • Home delivery restaurants and hotels have much different requirements, uses many different coated papers to wrap the foods for safety.

We have a very long and brad experience to identify the quality and standard of the paper and their coating used. Many times different tools are also needed to test the materials so that it could be set as per requirement. Our company Jmv paper mart is one which could be trustable and to best utilization of your time and money. Providing the best service and putting a smile on buyers face is our first goal and focus on the trend of the market.

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