Much latest printing style on the metal coated papers are Holo papers

Papers with a layer of coating with metal like aluminum or steel or with plastic are known as Holo papers. Normally we are using c1s coating or c2s coating on the papers for effective printings to make its look good. But another specific effect that is needed to improve the effectiveness of the printing is holography printing on the papers. Many of the printing companies need to coat a single layer coating with the metal or plastic on the papers. This is much different from hologram because it’s old and manual technique of printing whose effect is not so effective. It has an adversely effects on the looks of printing in following manners that are elaborated bellow in descriptive order.

Effect on pixels:

Controls on pixel in printing is one of the most concentric points whose controlling is much difficult. The effect of pixels distribution goes to reduce when using holo paper in printing since the controlling of ink increased. Metal coating or plastic coating on the papers is usually expensive but the effect of printing gives their worth. Even it could be performing on both c1s and c2s papers but mostly we use on one sided coated papers. When we use it in one-sided coated papers, it facilitate in printing procedure and reduce the use of machine.

Color Wavelength:

Color wave length in holographic papers is much better because they are metal (mostly aluminum or steel) coated. When view by microscope the effect of printing looks sometime in different form for different color depending on colors effect. But as the wavelength of color increases in printing, its effects start to raise their printing quality look on papers.

3-D effect:

This type of printing gives a 3-d effect after printing so it’s much latest technology and high demands. These types of printing are being done by scattering of light on the paper and then diffract their constituent colors. The scattering of refracted light fully depends upon the wavelength of the colors to which we are using in printing.

Reduces Duplicacy:

Easily duplication of these types of printed papers is not possible as their metal coating makes it different. So by duplicating point of view the holo paper’s printing is most safe and confidential so trusted documents could use.

Therefore knowledge of these minute points about the papers makes to jmv paper mart, different with many other paper providers.

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