C1 S paperboard gives high performance of shining in printing

There are two types of coating on printing papers, C1S and C2S that are needed for smooth and attractive printing. C1S means coating only one side of the paper and C2S means coating both sides of the printing paper. This coating decision depends upon the requirement of printing that is either one side or both sides printing is required. Every printing industry uses the different type of coating on printing papers depending upon their printer and ink which they are used.

Why only one side coating

If only one side printing is required then we do need to coat one side. One side coating can manage the costing and improves the printing effect as their shinning of print and good looks. When we discuss bus Ticket printing machine and many other machines like ATM, Bills etc are one-sided coated. Also, we need to manage the weight of papers before printing as many printers accept the different weight of the papers.

Types of coating

There is much type of paper coating that is the matte coating, glossy coating and dull coating etc. Choice of the coating depends on the requirement of look and base paper which we are using to print something. Many times we want to use very shining ink and improve their efficiency to more shiny then needed dull coating. Therefore we can say a different type of coating gives a very different look at printing and saving the ink used.

Benefits of C1S

There is the number of benefits of C1S coating accept the cost, which are weight, effect and ink-absorption. Shining effect after the printing looks good and small effect of transparency is feeling in the back side of the paper. Load on the printing machine also reduces using C1S, therefore, the speed of printing will increase and performance becomes very high.

C1S paper Suppliers Service

Service is an essential practice for a good Supplier which gives a deep impact on Customer. Paper quality analysis depends on the deep knowledge of the type of papers and experience of working in this industry. On time delivery and quality product supply is our first aim as we want to increase the number of happy customers.

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